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County launches trial of business on The Loop

In less than 24 hours, three businesses signed up for Pima County’s trial program allowing businesses to setup along the loop. Pima County announced a six month trial program, which starts May 1,  allowing companies to reserve one of eight spaces to do business on the Loop. The sites are all on the Rillito portion […]

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Pima County adds green pavement to crosswalk on Loop

  New green pavement popped up on Tucson’s south side last week. Pima County’s bicycle and pedestrian program manager Matt Zoll said the thermoplastic  is part of a Loop path stretching from the Veterans Administration Hospital to the Kino Sports Complex and Sam Lena recreation area. (See map below) The path utilizes the crosswalk at […]

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Parts stolen from new Loop bicycle repair stands

At least one of the newly installed bicycle-repair stands along the Loop has had tools stolen less than two weeks after they were installed. A photo shot by a Tucson bicyclist shows two of the cables have been cut and the tools missing at the repair station located at Mountain Avenue and the Rillito River […]

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New Loop direction signs to prevent lost bicyclists, walkers

Cyclists and pedestrians using Pima County’s Loop will be greeted by new signage aimed at preventing users from getting lost. Matt Zoll, the county’s bicycle and pedestrian manager wrote in an email that the county was working on the Rillito and then moving into other portions of the Loop. “We’ve got some wayfinding signs going […]

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Millions allocated for bike projects in bond package; election pushed to 2012

The good news for cyclists is that the Pima County Bond Committee has included four bicycle projects in the upcoming bond election. The bad news, the committee also decided to postpone the election until November 2012. At their last meeting, the committee voted to add a fourth bicycle project to the pot — an additional […]

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No federal grant money for county’s Urban Loop

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced the recipients of the $600 million in federal grant money designed to stimulate the economy, but Pima County’s Urban Loop project missed the cut. Nannette Slusser, a Pima County assistant administrator and the point person for the 55-mile car-free loop, said she was disappointed they weren’t awarded a piece […]

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County could find out about Urban Loop money by mid-week

Despite leaks surfacing about projects being funded by federal reinvestment grants, Pima County officials still haven’t been notified of whether they received any money to help fund the Urban Loop. According to Matt Zoll, the county’s bike and pedestrian program manager, the federal agency in charge of doling out the money has verified the project’s […]

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Bike planners pushing to add automatic counters in region

Figuring out just how many people are riding around the region might get a little easier is local bike planners have their way. Planners from the City of Tucson and Pima Association of Governments met with a representative from Eco Counter, a French company that sells automatic bike and pedestrian counters on Saturday. Eco Counter […]

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Pima County seeks $41 million federal grant

In an effort to speed up the completion of the Urban Loop, Pima County has applied for a $41 million grant. The grant is part of the second round of the federal government’s transportation-specific stimulus efforts. In the first round of funding, Tucson received money for the streetcar Nanette Slusser, Pima County’s assistant administrator, said […]

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County working on car-free loop around Tucson

The work of several Pima County bike advocates to create an urban loop path around the city is starting to pay off. The loop,  portions of which are under construction now, will connect shared-use paths like those that run along the Rillito and Santa Cruz rivers. Matt Zoll, the county’s bike and pedestrian program manager, […]

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