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In pursuit of Platinum – Tucson ain’t Portland

Editor’s note: This post was written by Colby Henley one of Tucson Velo’s newest contributors. Henley is a daily bicycle commuter and advocate. Don’t worry, this isn’t another “Oh, Portland is so great” post. Tucson will never have the trees, architecture, culture or demographics of Portland..and that’s just fine. But much has been discussed about whether […]

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Link roundup: July 31

Post any interesting links in the comment section. National How far will we walk to go somewhere? It depends. City of Portland looks to go beyond auto-centric ‘level of service’ standards Data-Free Times Story on Blind Pedestrians Slights All Who Walk NYC Bicycles save money for both cyclists and cities Gates’ bid to reinvent the bicycle House […]

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How one Tucson Velo reader got his bike back

Several weeks ago I posted a stolen bike report for Greg Yares who organizes the GABA bike swap two times a year. His Richard Sachs road bike was stolen from his house and a beater mountain bike was left in its place. I heard that he got his bike back and emailed him. Here’s what […]

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Link roundup: July 30

Post any interesting links in the comment section. National Wider Testing Reveals Doping Among Amateur Cyclists, Too ‘Just Ride,’ by Grant Petersen When Spouses Worry About Cyclists Eyes on the Street: Remove Car Parking, and Bike Lanes Vastly Improve Driver Education: ‘Bicyclists are a Source of Danger’ Reel System, a MacGyver-esque On-Board Bicycle Storage Renegade bike race in LA tunnel goes mainstream […]

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Local youth cyclist racing well until being derailed by food poisoning

El Grupo cyclist Donovan Caputo, who raised money to go to the Tour de l’Abitibi in Quebec, Canada, started competing last week and was picking up steam before a bout of food poisoning knocked him out. His coach, Ignacio Rivera de Rosales, recounted the stages on El Grupo’s blog. Here’s some of what he wrote. Pre race: Donovan […]

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Link roundup: July 27

Post any interesting links in the comment section. Local Barry Bonds sports a new look with fancy bicycle, slimmed-down appearance State Will Your State Fully Fund Bicycling and Walking? Family sells e-bikes as economic alternative National Study: Access to Light Rail Can Reduce Obesity Risk — If You Use It Bicycles as art Oakland Police and Witness Say […]

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Photo: Cops riding on the sidewalk

Where is the Tucson Police Department’s bicycle and pedestrian task force when you need it? I ran across these two Tucson Police Department officers while riding to work the other day. Just before I took this photo, they were riding on the sidewalk against traffic. Maybe it’s not fair, but I expect the people who […]

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Link roundup: July 26

Post any interesting links in the comment section. National Researcher considers cargo bikes as tools for social justice Maybe What We Need Is Ghost Cars New 4-story mural downtown proclaims ‘Welcome to America’s Bicycle Capital’ When do cyclists crash? Faraday Bicycles funds production through Kickstarter Survivor didn’t bike 3000 miles just to die New college program encourages bike transportation Simplest Bike Commuting Infrastructure: […]

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Photo contest update

We’ve got our first few photos for this summers contest. Here’s how the contest works: Every reader can submit two bikey images to be included in the contest. The photos must have been taken this summer. The deadline for entry is Monday, August 6. You are welcome to submit an image and swap it out […]

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Link roundup: July 25

Post any interesting links in the comment section. Local Inspired Tucson Residents Make a Difference National Transpo bill would have been worse without bicyclists’ voices The Utility of Cars in Cities No Explanations as Traffic Deaths Jump 13.5 Percent Glow In the Dark Bicycle Bicycle Studies Pick Up Speed in Academia Bicycle Handlebars Outfitted With Glowing LED Lights Bike service […]

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Tanzanian riding around world raising money for education to give talk Thursday

A Tanzanian student who is riding around the world to raise money for educating Tanzanian students will be in town on Thursday giving a presentation about his trip. According to Elvis Munis’ website, he realized the lack of education in his country was a big hurdle to preserving its natural resources. He decided to […]

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Link roundup: July 24

Post any interesting links in the comment section. National Pedal to Work, and Smell the Roses Bicycling Park Ranger The Inherent Shallowness of the Rail vs. Bus Debate Smart Growth America: States May Pave Over Their Own Good Intentions The Projections Fallacy Sketchy bike imports Losing my Religion (of Car Worship) Batteries Add Power and […]

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