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Google Earth using satellite image from day of El Tour de Tucson

The satellite image currently being used by Google Earth was taken on Nov. 21, 2009, which happens to be the same day as El Tour de Tucson. Jeff, a reader, sent me the tip as well as a KMZ file where he added a few points of interest. You can download the KMZ file […]

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Link roundup: April 30

Post any interesting links you find in the comment section. Check out this video about separated bike paths in Portland. What do you think? What we know about bike infrastructure: people want it (Ray LaHood) Madison Wants More Bicycle Commuters (w/video of separated bike path) Russian President on Copenhagen Bicycle Culture Growing Resistance to Helmet […]

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BICAS warehouse may get new leaseholder

BICAS board members may soon be writing their rent checks to someone new. The Arizona Department of Transportation owns the Citizen’s Transfer warehouse which houses BICAS and dozens of local artists. ADOT is granting an easement to the City of Tucson because of the potential impact of roadway construction in the area. The city would […]

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New bike lane design on Tucson street

A TucsonVelo reader sent me an email asking what was up with the new bike lanes on Mountain Avenue between Roger and Limberlost roads. Tucson Department of Transportation traffic engineer Diahn Swartz, who is responsible for traffic studies, signage and striping, said this bike lane is different than other parts of Mountain Avenue because they […]

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Link roundup: April 28

Post any interesting links you find in the comment section. Tucson’s First Cyclovia Draws Crowds Program traces bikes that are stolen Cyclist starts drive for city bike lanes Espresso to go for cyclists ‘Seinfeld’ actor Alexander strikes bicyclist in LA Truckers v. Bicyclists: The Online Battle Study Questions Number of Cyclists in New York First […]

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BICAS urges support for lease transfer

BICAS sent out a message yesterday urging support for a proposal created by the Warehouse Arts Management Organization, which would make WAMO the lease holder of the building BICAS currently resides in. Here is an excerpt from the email: WAMO is an Arizona non-profit corporation whose mission is to preserve, protect, program and promote the […]

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Congressional candidate talks bikes

I ran into District 8 Republican congressional candidate Jonathan Paton at a coffee shop and asked if I could speak to him about his stance on bicycles and infrastructure funding. Paton is running against Democratic incumbent Gabrielle Giffords. Below are excerpts from our conversation. Paton said he worked with the Pima County Attorney’s office to […]

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Tour of the Tucson Mountains recap and photos

Since I rode in the Tour of the Tucson Mountains, I didn’t have a lot of time or energy to report, but I did take some photos at the finish line. You can read the Arizona Daily Star’s story here. I was also close to the crash that is referenced in the story. It took […]

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Link roundup: April 26

I reverted back to the original headline only for the link roundup because the only piece of feedback I got liked it better. You can look at the previous link roundup and then vote on which style you prefer. As always post any interesting links you find in the comment section. Protégé, mentor pleased, proud […]

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Small group joins BICAS for bike boulevard ride

Roughly 10 cyclists joined BICAS and Tucson’s Bike and Pedestrian Coordinator on a community bike ride touring several potential and planned bike boulevards.. The route took cyclists from BICAS north to University, east to Treat, north to Waverly, West to Fourth and back to BICAS. Thivener stopped at several spots along the route to point […]

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Reminder: Bike boulevard ride tonight

BICAS and Tucson’s bike and pedestrian coordinator, Tom Thivener, are teaming up for a presentation and bike ride discussing bike boulevards in Tucson. Join them at BICAS at 6 p.m. tonight. BICAS will show a movie after the ride.

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New and (hopefully) improved link roundup: April 24

I’m trying out a new format for my link roundup today. Let me know if you prefer the new format or the old one with headline as link. Tucson gets a mention in this story about problems with laws that supposedly protect Arizona cyclists. A letter writer expresses his frustration over the UA’s decision […]

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