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Craigslist posts warn of violence on the Rillito

Two separate posts on Craigslist are warning of violence along the river path. An anonymous user posted the following on Saturday, July 26. I was on the Rillito trail,behind the wallmart on Wetmore and First. 4 or 5 guys in their ealy twenties pushed me off my 2001 GT I drive bike(blue and white).one got […]

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Many Loop Strava segments pulled from site

Dozens of Strava segments along The Loop have been marked as hazardous and essentially removed from the competition portion of the site. A page for The Loop mentioned the removal on Tuesday. Post by The Loop. Flagging a segment as hazardous is a way for a Strava user to alert others of danger. A segment […]

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Party on your bike this weekend

Celebrate the streetcar launch by riding your bike. At least, that’s what Bike Party Tucson organizer Kylie Walzak is proposing for Saturday night. “I wanted to do something with bikes that celebrated the streetcar,” Walzak said. Walzak said the rolling party will roll down the center of University Boulevard and Fourth Avenue into downtown and eventually […]

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How to: Bikes on the streetcar & more

The public launch of the Tucson Modern Streetcar is just a few days away. While the initial route is a short and bikeable four-plus miles, some cyclists may want to use the streetcar to get out of the sun during the heat of the day or ride it to the end and bicycle from there. Here’s […]

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Streetcar officials clarify wording about bikes on 4th Ave

Streetcar team The Arizona Daily Star featured a front page story about the modern streetcar, which will begin accepting passengers on Friday, July 25. Buried in the article was a section about bicyclist safety and a quote from Shellie Ginn, a project manager with the streetcar. Here’s the section of the article: There has been […]

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Downtown grocery store looking for input

The owners of the planned downtown grocery store, Johnny Gibson’s Downtown Market, are looking to get feedback from bicyclist. The owners asked Living Street Alliance to organize a “community conversation” with people who live, work and ride their bikes in downtown Tucson. The get together is from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday at […]

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Photo: Downtown bypass no longer has a giant ditch

The Jim Glock Bypass is useable once again. We reported last week that a large ditch had appeared down the middle of the bypass creating a hazard for cyclists especially at night. It has since been filled in with concrete. The filling appears to have created a channel designed to help water flow down the […]

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BICAS raises rates for shop & tool time

BICAS increased shop rates by 50 percent this week. According to a post in BICAS’ group page, the rates increased to $6-12 based on a sliding scale. The new prices went into effect on July 4. BICAS said the rates were increased to offset rising cost of tools, rent and wages. In addition to rate […]

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Passing a stopped streetcar will get you a ticket

We reported last week that TPD would be out about along the streetcar route giving tickets to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians caught breaking the law. A line in that article raised a lot of questions. I wrote that cyclist could not pass a streetcar if it was stopped at a streetcar letting passengers get on and off. […]

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Work on Toole bypass creates unsigned hazard for cyclists

For the last several weeks cyclists who use the recently reopened Jim Glock bypass have had to deal with a new hazard. A foot-wide and six-inch deep ditch in the asphalt, appeared early in June. The ditch forces cyclists to dismount their bike or try to hop over the cutout as I witnessed two cyclists attempt to […]

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6 El Grupo riders need help getting to Tour de l’Abitibi

Six El Grupo cyclists were recently selected to represent the United States at the Tour de l’Abitibi in July. El Grupo has never had so many riders participate and qualify for the race. “The selection camp they attended in Flagstaff with USA Cycling had fierce competition that flew in from across the country,” El Grupo […]

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Memorial and ghosts bikes for two Tucson cyclists who died

Two Tucson cyclists died last week and BICAS is remembering them both through ghost bikes and memorials. The first, Gary Evans, known by most in the cycling community as the Gray Wolf. Police found Evans in his home and do not suspect foul play. Evans’ friend Chet Ajsenberg said Evans was certainly a character who […]

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