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Photos: Tucson Easter egg hunt by bike

Check out  few photos from this year’s bicycle Easter Egg Hunt. The Bike Fest Tucson event was hosted by Tucson Velo sponsor, Transit Cycles, the Mercado San Agustín. There were several easter egg caches within a mile of the Mercado. Check out the photos.

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Ban bikes along the Streetcar? Read my editorial against it

Inside Tucson Business published a couple stories earlier this month related to the streetcar and bicycling safety. The first was a news story about bike safety and the streetcar. The second was an editorial by Inside Tucson Business, which called for banning bikes along the streetcar line. Here’s a snippet from the editorial: There are […]

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Pima County launches interactive Tucson bike map

Pima County announced the launch of an interactive map highlighting The Loop. What they didn’t say however is that the Tucson bike map also highlights the entire region’s bicycle routes as well as hiking and biking trails in Pima County. The interactive map uses over 30 different GIS map layers to provide detailed information about […]

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Saying goodbye is hard to do

In the course of four hours, Irene and I said goodbye to two members of our bicycle stable. Yesterday we sold our Surly Big Dummy and our Xtracycle Radish. We are planning on replacing them with an Xtracycle Edgerunner that we will both be able to fit on. While it’s the smart thing to do, […]

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Use your bicycle for transportation; win a bike

Want a new bike? Use your existing bike for transportation and you will be entered to win prizes from the Tucson Bike Fest’s Two-Mile-Challenge contest. During the month of April, cyclist are encourage to log the trips in which they use their bike for transportation on the Bike Fest Tucson website. Doing so will enter […]

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City officials: Streetcar safe for cyclists; not a motor vehicle

 Editor’s note: A lawyer friend of Tucson Velo pointed out a section of A.R.S. 28-101 that excludes vehicles that run on tracks as motor vehicles. Here’s the snippet: 58. “Vehicle” means a device in, on or by which a person or property is or may be transported or drawn on a public highway, excluding devices […]

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Photos: The desert is a tough place to ride

The desert is a tough place to ride. There are cactuses: And  poisonous venomous creatures And soon… the heat.  Enjoy the weather while you can. Also. Potholes. Always the potholes.  

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Bike Fest: Rides and events abound in April

It’s going to be no joke when the calendar hits April 1. Instead it marks the beginning of Bike Fest 2014, the busiest month for biking in Tucson. More than 35 events have already been added to the event list on including, Cyclovia Tucson, Pedal the Pueblo(formerly Bike to Work Week), two bike-in movies, […]

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Thieves hit parking lot along The Loop

It’s not just mountain bikers and hikers that have to wonder whether their car windows will be intact when they return from their rides. Tucson Velo reader Jorgiana Jake messaged us on Facebook to let us know thieves had struck at a parking lot along The Loop on Saturday. Jake was out for a spin Saturday […]

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Tucson woman in Craigslist post: ‘Either the bikes go or I go’

A Tucson woman went beyond issuing an ultimatum, she posted her boyfriend’s bikes on Craigslist after she says he acquired so many bikes that he began parking them in the kitchen. She’s now selling them. $100 will get you one. Here’s the post in all it’s glory: I have too many bikes, because, my boyfriend […]

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Tucson in running for USA Today’s Top 10 Cycling Town

Tucson is in the running for the 10 Best Cycling Town by the USA Today and Tucson is one of 20 cities selected by professional cyclist George Hincapie. Here’s what the site say about the nominations: He took into account the cycling cities he knows and loves; cities in which he’s competed; cities with […]

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Bikes the best way to get to big events

An estimated 120,000 people showed up the the Tucson Festival of Books this weekend, most of them arriving in automobiles. Events like the Tucson Festival of Books are great reminders that riding bikes for transportation is awesome. Unlike the thousands of people who hunted for open parking spaces and had to walk as much as […]

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