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Streetcar launches today; still more to do to protect cyclists

After four years and more than 150 posts about the streetcar on Tucson Velo, the day has finally arrived that the public can hitch a ride on the Sun Link Streetcar. The majority of the posts on this site have been critical of the project pointing out issues that make it less safe for cyclists. […]

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How to: Bikes on the streetcar & more

The public launch of the Tucson Modern Streetcar is just a few days away. While the initial route is a short and bikeable four-plus miles, some cyclists may want to use the streetcar to get out of the sun during the heat of the day or ride it to the end and bicycle from there. Here’s […]

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Streetcar officials clarify wording about bikes on 4th Ave

Streetcar team The Arizona Daily Star featured a front page story about the modern streetcar, which will begin accepting passengers on Friday, July 25. Buried in the article was a section about bicyclist safety and a quote from Shellie Ginn, a project manager with the streetcar. Here’s the section of the article: There has been […]

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Passing a stopped streetcar will get you a ticket

We reported last week that TPD would be out about along the streetcar route giving tickets to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians caught breaking the law. A line in that article raised a lot of questions. I wrote that cyclist could not pass a streetcar if it was stopped at a streetcar letting passengers get on and off. […]

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Watch out for police enforcement along the streetcar route

Word on the street is that police will be ramping up traffic enforcement along the streetcar in the month leading up to it’s launch. The police will be targeting motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. If the police setup on University Boulevard and Park Avenue, they will be writing a lot of tickets for motorists failing to […]

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LSA streetcar crash report yields interesting results

After almost 18 months and 86 streetcar crash reports, Living Street Alliance released the data they collected using their crash reporting tool. Before diving into the results, it’s important to recognize that it is extremely likely that the number is only a fraction of the actual crashes that occur along the streetcar route. Many of […]

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Ban bikes along the Streetcar? Read my editorial against it

Inside Tucson Business published a couple stories earlier this month related to the streetcar and bicycling safety. The first was a news story about bike safety and the streetcar. The second was an editorial by Inside Tucson Business, which called for banning bikes along the streetcar line. Here’s a snippet from the editorial: There are […]

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City officials: Streetcar safe for cyclists; not a motor vehicle

 Editor’s note: A lawyer friend of Tucson Velo pointed out a section of A.R.S. 28-101 that excludes vehicles that run on tracks as motor vehicles. Here’s the snippet: 58. “Vehicle” means a device in, on or by which a person or property is or may be transported or drawn on a public highway, excluding devices […]

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Streetcar officials respond to video of tight squeeze

The post about being passed by the streetcar on Fourth Avenue generated a significant discussion and even a story on KVOA. It also garnered a response from the streetcar team about their safety training related to bicycles. Here’s the email response to a streetcar officials about the training drivers get from Sun Link operations manager […]

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Photo & Video: Getting passed by the streetcar on 4th

I consider myself a confident and skilled bike rider, but when the streetcar passed me on Fourth Avenue, it was very uncomfortable and a violation of the law. Here’s what happened: On Monday morning, I was returning from the courthouse after checking court records for the story I posted on Tuesday. I was riding a […]

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Photo: Streetcar crashes reminder of track danger

I’ve been getting used to the streetcar tracks and how to navigate. I might have even been getting a little complacent about them. Last week I witnessed my first streetcar crash and saw the aftermath of a second, which served as a reminder that one mistake can lead to a crash. In both cases the […]

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It’s time to enforce parking rules along Streetcar route

Streetcar construction has wrapped up, but people are still violating parking rules on a daily basis creating dangerous conditions for cyclists. It’s time for the University of Arizona and Tucson Police Departments to crackdown on motorists like they do during their bicycle enforcement. The most common violation is parking in no parking zones and not […]

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